Year of Banners Complete

We are soaked, and it just keeps raining!
I lost track because I've dumped the rain gauge
three times but I think we're up to like 7 inches.
It's kind of hard to believe it's even May.
This is April stuff here, cool temps and all.

So I made a cheery sunny banner!

Next week the sun should be shining, the flowers
will open again and this May banner 
will feel more appropriate.
But I am enjoying not having to water the garden
and everything is so wonderfully green!
Just maybe the temps will still be pleasant for
my son's graduation party!?

I have really enjoyed these small monthly side-projects.
Someday I may work up a few others for special days like
 birthdays, special Church feast days, etc.
but for now it's nice to have the entire set completed.

For fun, here's a review of all twelve banners:

Do I have a favorite?  Hmmm.
Really not sure but maybe January??
(Go figure!)
Happy quilting!


Cute banners. I hope this rain ends soon. The farmer's can't plant.