Quilting America--Update

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.
Mine included a lot of flowers (the planting kind!),
steak, creme brulee and seeing the Avengers movie.

Just a quick mid-week update here.

Since the windows are completely installed, the  LA is back
in place, up and running.   (No word on those doors yet.)

The American quilt is
loaded and I've started on the quilting.
I'm not real sure what I'll be writing on the label.
"Thanks, Coach!" seems a little understated but still,
it will just be a reminder of our thanks.  I'm sure we'll
write plenty in the card attached to the gift. 
I'm open to ideas here; that seems to be all I've got.

Things actually started drying up a little around here
so the midnight storm we just received wasn't unwanted.
It means less time spent watering the garden, and I'd really
rather not be bothered with that when working on party
preparations and quilting gifts so I'm all for it.
This has been just the greatest spring!
Any year we make it to June before turning on
the A/C is a favorite in my book.

We're already nearing the end of track season.
Last week DS took first in the City League;
Regionals are this Thursday.

There is so much going on over the next 10 days
that I'm excited about:  
Senior Farewell Mass and Award Ceremony
Because of  DS's USMA appointment, the award ceremony 
will include some fun moments for him (and his proud parents).
Regional Track Meet
State Track Meet
Son's graduation/send-off party

Among these, there are lots of other grad parties to attend.
We're trying but it's becoming impossible to hit
them all, especially with relatives visiting.
It all makes for a rather crazy time of it.
Crazy and fun.

If I find free time, I might start planning my next quilt,
though I'm in no hurry there, or putting my feet up,
enjoying my current read.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
Sounds like a crammed full few weeks. Glad the LA is up and going. Relax, and enjoy it all.
Needled Mom said…
Life has been so chaotic for you. Glad you are getting some quilting time in.
Needled Mom--It has been a whirlwind lately. Doing our best to enjoy the ride. A little quilting time here and there does help calm the brain! :o)
I hope you didn't get any of that bad weather Saturday. Nice quilt.