07 April 2019

"West Point Cabin" Quilt Finish

Happy Monday!

It's an especially happy Monday here because I get to
finally show my completely finished West Point Cabin quilt!

West Point Cabin 93"x104"

Once our son was accepted, I began
contemplating what elements I wanted to put into
his quilt.  The school colors were a must.  The log
cabin block was chosen to represent the cabin that
George Washington stayed at when at West Point,
which is still there today.
To signify the US Army, I added the gold stars in the
sashing--they are not the Army's 5-point star, but
how else was I to get them into the sashing?

When working on the borders, I decided I wanted to do
something creative in the corners.  I spent some time racking
my brain for a "military" idea and finally came up with
what I'm calling the Dresden Epaulet Corner.

(blocks above aren't exactly the same as in my quilt)

I have yet to see a West Point uniform with an epaulet
but we're just going for that military effect here.

And so here's the completed quilt:

It's now on his bed to be enjoyed for a
few months before he heads out.
I know he's super excited but for Mom
the time is just dwindling fast.

He won't be needing it at the academy
but it will always be here to come home to.

Happy quilting!

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Debbie said...

Love your corner idea....just perfect to finish it off military style! Your son will know what it all means, and will have those memories always. Great finish.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wow! What a great quilt! Something he will cherish for many years to come.

Needled Mom said...

That is beautiful. He will cherish it for years. I'm sure these days must by flying by for you, but he must be so excited. That is awesome.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Thank you Needled Mom (no-reply blogger?). He's very happy with it!

Mary Alice said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! And I love how the quilting also tells the quilt's 'story'.

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