Monday Check-In: American Quilt

Seeing that May is upon us has me thinking I need
to step up my game again.  It is time to get this American
quilt finished and move on to the coach's quilt.

Putting everything together here for a visual.
I want to have a finished top by the end of this week.
Rainy days ahead so definitely doable.

I finished up the blue check squares last week and
moved on to all those red stars that I was kind of avoiding.
Some piecing just goes so sloooow!

Twelve done, 24 to go.

(You'll notice my shade drawn.  I love to sew in front of my
window but the window/door installers were working out there.
Fortunately, not today!)

Something is always going out/in/on at our house!

The windows are in but one will need to be switched
out due to damage in delivery; both deck doors had issues
as well so we're on hold for...not sure how long.  I have a grad
party in a few weeks but c'est la vie.  If it gets done, it gets done.
If it doesn't?  It's all family and friends and they sure don't care
if we have some construction going on on the side.
We will definitely need to have my long arm put back though
because our entire living room is unusable at the moment!

In other news, regardless of the wisdom teeth coming out,
my son did PR again--he's now up to 15'6".

That's just really getting high up there, isn't it?
I'm thinking at least a 16' vault (or higher!) to finish out
the high school years??  Crossing fingers.

It was also prom this weekend so yep, busy times. 
Typical of my son, he had to be a little extra stylish
by going all-white, which made him a hit.
His date was a friend but they made a stunning couple.
(I love seeing a modest dress!)
 We can't wait see him in the various military uniforms.

A few other spring pics to share:

A front porch visitor.
He's not quite open all the way so I think he hits 6".

This one was out in the garden.

I always note how their body is colored
to match as well.

And these from a couple weeks ago:

Again, the matching body.

Nature makes quilts, too.

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said…
Congratulations on the new PR. Lovely prom picture. I, too, enjoy seeing the modest dresses. Good luck with the windows. That is frustrating.
Debbie said…
Hope all the construction gets completed soon for your sake. All the disruptions would drive me crazy. But the piecing looks good. The prom couple are just the color of here dress so of course he needed to stand out in white. Fun for both of them I bet. Looks like your spring is arriving on wings.