Where I'm At, And Planning Ahead

One should probably be careful to not say this
too loudly but, it's looking like spring is on it's way.

There has been a definite warmth in the air.
Yesterday, I got a great start on the outdoor work,
cutting down ornamental grasses and old herbs and clearing
out dead growth and leaves to make way for the new.
Sometimes I shred it all straight into the garden for mulch.
This time, I just burned it all in the firepit.  There is something very
satisfying about removing all of the debris from the previous year
and burning it off to start again with the new.  If the weather would
only allow, this would make great New Year's activity.

I was also able to till a section of the garden to get 350 onions in.
I may be cutting back on everything else but not onions.
I have 50 more to plant but I'm saving them to be deterrents
around cabbages and other plants high on an insect's menu.
Yes, I pushed it a little but I knew the rain would be here today.
And it is.  Dark and rainy, it's a perfect day to recoup and
just perhaps get some sewing done.

Hopefully soon I can cut into the cheery spring fabrics
of the fat quarter bundle I won.  I was so excited when that
arrived in the mail and I love seeing it sit on my shelf...
but no touching it till I get my next two quilts made.  

The log cabin blocks are piecing up very quickly.  Depending
on if/when the garden dries up, I should still have the top
if not the whole thing done by the first official day of spring.

Organizing the pieces hasn't been as hard as I thought.
Considering I first made 14 and now am working on the
remaining 28 blocks all in assembly line fashion, I'm really
only dealing with one set/bin of pieces at a time.  After that,
it's cleared away and the amount to deal with just becomes
less and less.  Would love to get them all finished today even.
Tomorrow, I'll be working on a quilt made by a 4-H group 
for charity.  Hoping my quilting skills will be in good form
for trying out a new pattern.  It's one thing to quilt your own
projects; quite another to work on someone else's!

My next quilt will also be for a charity.  As much as
I'd love to move out some fall fabrics, the event is in June 
so an American theme would probably go over well.

Right now I'm getting kind of excited about this one.  
It's likely I have everything I need for it right in my
sewing room and it's a very do-able 60 x 60.
I don't have the time to make anything bigger...
unless we end up with a very rainy spring!

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said…
The. Ewness of the garden is full of anticipation. I love your patriotic quilt. The logs look great too.
You are giving yourself plenty of time to come up with the 'right' project for that new fabric. No Spring around here, other than we did reach 59 degrees today (first time since last October). It will be chilly again this weekend.