29 March 2019

West Point Cabin Progress

I've made great progress on the West Point quilt.
All the blocks and sashing are sewn together--
quite a feat really when you consider the sashing had
its own amount of piecing that may have taken almost
as long to put together as all the blocks.

Lots of stray threads to deal with on this one; I gave up trying to keep
them under control.  I'll take care of them as I put it on the frame.

You know math is not my thing so I prefer to let others
come up with instructions but this one was all on me.
It's nothing complicated at all but it does make this project
just that much more "mine".  I did plan/size the blocks
on my new EQ8--really just to play around--but I couldn't
find anywhere on the program to work out that sashing.
Again, nothing complicated but I'd like to know if there
is a way to do it on there.  (So much to learn!)

A further complication was that there was a direction to the tiny
print of the sashing fabric.  It just required a little more thought
in cutting and sewing...yep, out came the seam ripper a couple
times but every piece faces "down" as in the above pic.

This section is 69 x 80 so I will be adding two more
borders on today to make this a queen-sized quilt.
I'll also be piecing the backing and hopefully getting it
loaded onto the frame.

I knew I was pushing myself to complete it this week but in
light of the extra work, and a few extra things in my schedule,
I'm really happy with how far along it is.  If all goes well,
I'll start quilting Saturday so not too far off schedule anyway.
Would love to squeeze it in as a March finish but I also
don't want to rush the quilting so...we'll just see.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

Looking fabulous! The color combo is striking and just love the sashing and star technique. Good job!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It looks GREAT!

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