Quilts and Plants Are Growing

Trying to balance and plan my time is always a little tricky
in the spring.  This year I have a lot of added obligations
but somehow it will all get done...because it always does.

Knowing a little rain was on the way, I put in a lot
of hard hours outdoors early this week.  I tilled, planted,
raked, cut, mowed and burned until the rain forced me in.
That perfect spring rain is all the onions needed--
they started poking through already yesterday.

I've been doing a little sewing here and there, and
now--voila!  All 42 blocks are now complete.  
I wanted an idea of the gold stars and sashing
so I scribbled a little on my phone...

The keyword there being scribbled!

Another busy weekend ahead but I'm hoping to at least
get the sashing and star pieces cut out and just maybe
start on some piecing?  I would like for my son to be able
to use this quilt before he heads off to West Point so,
though it might be a little crazy, I'm pushing to have it
completely finished by next weekend.
(I'm still unclear if he'll be able to take it with him.)

Happy quilting!


You'll be working hard to get that finished by next weekend. It's way too early to start any yardwork up here. We do have a couple of green grass bits, trying to come up under all the dead grass.