March Banner & Hexa-done

It sure doesn't feel like it but
here we are:  happy March.

Friday morning was just a really damp cold kinda morning so
I spent it finishing up the last bits of the hexie quilt.  If only
I had realized that it actually warmed up in the afternoon...

Instead I went right on into working on the banner when
I probably should've been enjoying the sun and "warmth."
Warm has really become a relative term lately.

So anyway, once I realized this was going on, I was
 I was able to grab a quick shot of Hexagon Phenomenon.

*Triangle Hexies quilt pattern by Quilty Love (Etsy)
More info on 2019 projects tab

 I currently have curtain rings (with clips) on a cotton rope that
I use for displaying my quilts for their pictures.  This hangs on
three hooks that I've placed above our front steps.
I'd like to find a way to get the quilts to hang a little straighter
at the top but this way is quick--right now, that's a priority!

 I can arrange the clips on the quilt in the house where it's
warm and in just a minute or two have it hung up outside.
If I keep making such big quilts, I'm going to have to move
the hooks up higher, requiring a ladder to hang every quilt.
(rather than the front porch furniture!)

For the quilting, I pulled this swirl pattern from my collection.
It's modern enough and blends with the geometric hexies
without taking away from them.  A fun pattern but it is
sometimes hard to keep track of which line to follow when
they overlap and change directions--but that might be
something only other pantograph users understand.
It just takes steady focus and concentration.
Which means long, uninterrupted quilting sessions.
And eventually you have a well-trained, quick eye that can rival
that of your cat's at the little "follow the lazer light" game.

Wrapping this up, it's been a pretty good week.
My relief at finishing up the hexie quilt surprised me;
it had almost become work and in with the satisfying sense of
accomplishment upon its completion was also a sense of...
dare I say it...freedom.
Projects just don't always go the way they should.
There are always times when they aren't exactly fun.
But if they were all easy and fun, they sure wouldn't
be as special now, would they?

Still, I highly recommend a light project between the big ones!

Frigid temps and snow return tomorrow which means
there's also more quilting forecasted.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
March mini looks great! I love your solution for the photo shoot. Easy to put up and quilts can hang/extend to full size for viewing. We are heading for more cold temps too. It has been warm here this week but rain, way too much rain.
Anonymous said…
Your banner is very cute, and the hexie quilt is absolutely fabulous!
Beautiful quilt, Cheree! The colors and quilting draw me in. And thank you for sharing your quilt-hanging secret. I'm always trying to get a better set-up to take pics of my quilts. : )