Cutting, Cutting...

Time to build the log cabin.
I made a couple more trials but with smaller center blocks.
I still wish I could have found a single gold star fabric for it
but it doesn't seem to exist.  It looks like the best I can
do to make the center block show better is to keep the
darker gray (rather than black) fabrics around it.

Changing tactics a little, I've been going through scraps and
pulling anything and everything that might work which has felt
a little like spring cleaning.  love "controlled scrappy."  

I have no idea how many 1 1/2" strips I've cut but I'm
pretty sure I can do it in my sleep.  
They're separated out in these but there are so many
containers that it's hard keep them all within reach.
Just hoping I can figure out a different system.

Spring break begins this weekend so not sure how
much assembling I'll get done but at least all that cutting
is behind me.   It should go much faster from here!

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
I usually just have stacks of strip sizes on a deli tray laid out in order. They get mixed up so easily. Your container idea may work better. You will need a side table for them I fear.
Cutting is my least favorite part.