14 February 2019

The Other Side of Gifts: Learning to Receive Well

I'm working on the long arm today but in light of our
jacket-free temperatures, I've also been spending some time
outside in the sun.
Spring is definitely on the way, even though our temps will
be dropping in just a few hours and snow will be here tomorrow.

Several days ago I came across a wonderful, thought-provoking
little article that gives such a beautiful angle on
loving the created things around us that I feel
very compelled to pass it on today.

Simply put, as creators we love to give what we've
made to others and find immense delight in that giving.
From this, the author draws us to consider 
all that has been given to us from God...
and how we receive it.

The busyness of life can certainly be distracting, and so much
of society seems to do all it can to alter, ignore or, worse, refuse
and consciously toss aside the most beautiful gifts from God.

Quilters can put so much thought, time and love into what
we're creating that I know we can relate to the acts of giving
and receiving really well.  I love this call to expand
my perspective to look at 
every.  single.  created.  thing. around me and realize
how it has been lovingly created and gifted to me.
To us all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Great post with good points. Thanks for sharing it. I am one of the worse at receiving most things. A life time lesson that always needs re enforcing.

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