26 February 2019

Some Days

Some days things go amuk...
and other days they go amazingly well.
Terrifically, you could say.

After I spent about an hour removing my "mistakes" from
 the hexi quilt yesterday, I walked away.  After that kind of
"fun", I find it's best to wait and start fresh in the morning.

When today began with a free coffee I thought,
"Hey, just maybe the odds will be in my favor?"
(We've been watching the Hunger Games.)
Squaring up my shoulders, I set about problem-solving.
Five minutes later, a brand new needle was
in the trash and I was off and running, re-discovering
the joy of quilting without a single thread break.
Just what is more fun than that?

Could it be finding out you've won fabric?
It's kind of a tough call so let's
just say they're both great!
Why not get fabric and quilt it, too?!?

The entire bundle!

That's 40 fat quarters!  Four-zero!
And I love Bonnie and Camille!
Now I have two reasons to happy-dance about the house!
Just what am I going to make with all of those?
Is there any way I'll get to it this spring??
Time to pick up the pace!

Melissa at Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I saw this morning that you'd won. Congratulations!

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