03 February 2019

Hexies As Done as Can Be

Last week was just off.  Hubs was home all week with
a rough respiratory thing that's going around.  It's really
rare that I get sick but now that everyone else in our family
has it, I am starting to feel a little like a sitting duck.
My lack of sleep isn't helpful but, I'm a fighter.  We'll see...
Anyhoo, he worked from home through conference calls
and such with me taking care of him on the side.  Nothing
major but still disruptive to a routine.

Saturday was his first day out and, after hitting a new
coffee shop, we headed out to my son's latest track meet.  

14'6" jump

Above is a pic of his 14'6" jump; he didn't quite get both
arms extended on on that one but cleared it and went on to take
first place with a jump of 15'.  I'm still struggling to get videos
embedded but I think I have the 15' video below--we'll see.

Updated:  I've changed this video from "private" to public
so maybe that fixed it.  If not, here's a link:  Ethan's jump

His official "Signing" with the West Point track team takes
place at his high school this Wednesday.  My job is to set
up a table with cookies/snacks and drinks for guests.
So you see, Mom isn't allowed to get sick.

Well, on to quilty things.  I did finish the top of the hexie quilt--
to the point that I could anyway.

88 x 108

When cutting this out, I discovered I didn't have
enough solid gray.  And, of course, Missouri Star was out.
Not on their floor, mind you, where I got it just 3 days before,
but in the warehouse--which is the only place they pull
from for online orders.  I sure wasn't going to run back up for
less than a yard of fabric so I've been waiting for them
to get it back in this week as promised.  And praying
there isn't a "dye lot issue" or something.
Hopefully I can still get this completely finished within
the next couple weeks on move on to the West Point quilt.

The week ahead

Son's signing ceremony (cookies, etc)
Finish shopping for and start West Point quilt
Quilt "Cozy Christmas" (loaded and ready)
Optional:  work on choosing next quilt (charity)


Needled Mom said...

NO..Moms are not allowed to get sick. Everyone here is battling it too.

Congratulations to your son. That is awesome.

I hope you can get you fabric with no issues with it.

Debbie said...

Could not see the video but high praise for him. the signing is a big deal...stay well for it. The quilt looks great. Here's to finding the gray!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Stay healthy! I have a sinus infection, and it isn't fun, either. Hubby's make the worst patients. Send some of those cookies my way ;) Couldn't watch the video. Says it is unavailable. I don't even know how to take a video on my phone.

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