Hexagon Phenomenon

It's been a long day but I want to report that I've
finished quilting the hexies and it's off the frame.

It's a little dark again as it's getting late (as usual)
but what good is a report without proof?

It's too cold to do much else around here but
piece a quilt,
quilt a quilt
or be under a quilt.
Obviously I can mark off #2; I'm doing #3 right now.
#1 should happen tomorrow after I bind this one up.

Full finish pics* of Hexagon Phenomenon to follow soon!

*A "full-display hanging outside" pic is completely subject to
temperature being at least in the double digits!

Stay warm and Happy quilting!



Debbie said…
Love your disclaimer for the temps! Great hexie .....love the colors too. Will wait till spring for the photo shoot! It's rain and gray here, but warm for now. Our blast is set for next week I hear. Quilt on:)
Nice job, your daughter will be happy. It's getting colder here this weekend. I'm tired of winter.