22 February 2019

A Snow Sew and A Finish

Cozy Christmas 56x70

Quilting up my little Cozy Christmas quilt took weeks
for various reasons--ie bad thread, bad back--but I have
finally finished it.   I've been trying to use up some spool quilting
thread (from regular machine; I generally use cones on LA) but the
long arm was NOT liking it and it kept breaking.  Then I came
across a break in the thread on the spool and finally tossed it.
No it wasn't particularly old, either.  Just defective.
(Hmm...sounds like me....lol)
I decided it's not always worth it to try to use things up!
Not one thread break after that.

Due to those various reasons, it's just not my best quilting
effort so I'm keeping it.  I mean, I'm defective and my family
 seems to keep me around so I figure it's a good fit.
I don't really have a Christmas quilt
that matches our formal living room anyway.

Sure, it's almost March but with our current weather
it's easy to imagine curling up with a book over
the holidays with this one.  Clearly Chloe likes it.

But she's on any quilt within the 60 seconds it takes for
me to grab my phone for a pic.  It's almost a race.

We finally got a decent and beautiful snow a couple days ago.
I had to get out in it early the next morning--up at 5:40. :o)

Unfortunately it had mostly melted by late afternoon
when the sun decided to come out.  But!  There is
a 100% chance of more snow tomorrow, starting
with rain this afternoon so yes, sewing weather.

I have started loading the hexi quilt but stopped to air
out the batting overnight.  It's a tight squeeze
with this 90" batting but I'm out of 108".
I should be ok as long as everything is straight!
First goal of the day is to get it completely loaded.
Not sure I'll start quilting as I'm kind of missing my
sewing room and want to play with the log cabin blocks.

I'm also baking sourdough baguettes today--not sure what
to think of this recipe as there is so little kneading involved.
I'm no expert but isn't that what develops the glutens?!
Somehow they form though.

Side note:
Check out the chef's jacket--off to the races!
Seriously, doesn't it look like a jockey's jersey?
Ha!  I love to see their style!

But that's the fun of trying different recipes all the time.
And, it was certainly easy enough to start at 10:30 pm.  
Anyway, I do have to mention that "Vesuvius" is still alive
and producing, over a year later.  I keep the starter in the
fridge most of the time and take it out here and there
for a few days at a time.  I don't use it much but I'm always
more likely to bake during the winter.  One of these days I'll work
with it more, finding recipes that work for me and my schedule.
Till then it's pretty easy to keep it going...so I do.

It's Friday but my goals for the week:
Finish quilting and bind Cozy Christmas
Finish loading hexi quilt
Work on West Point Cabin blocks

Happy quilting!

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Debbie said...

The Christmas quilt looks great....don't worry about the quilting. Once it is washed and soft and puckered, who notices! Glad you got the snow....I love the type that melts in a day or two, so I think it is perfect!

Needled Mom said...

The snow is so scenic and tranquil looking.

The Christmas quilt looks pretty and is cat approved so all is good!

Your sourdough loaves sound delicious. I was just feeding my starter today. Think I will give them a try this week. Did you enjoy them?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Woohoo! Nice finish! Congrats on the snow.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Needled Mom, we really enjoyed the sourdough! I'm amazed at the outcome of such a work-free recipe!

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