25 February 2019

A Small Log Cabin Start

Here are two trial blocks for my son's quilt.
I had originally intended to go from light to darker-light
on the one side and from medium to dark on the other.

Right now I'm not up to keeping track of all of that so
I'm sticking to a light side and a dark side and that's it.
No gradations to keep track of.

Placing them on the sashing fabric and putting the gold
fabric where the stars will be on the actual quilt, I'm getting
a pretty good vision of what I've got.

I'm not liking the larger center square at all,
especially with the "lights & darks only" plan.
Maybe the main point of the log cabin block is for that
center square to stand out but in my quilt, it's going to be
those gold stars in the sashing that will pop and I don't want
them to "fight".

Below on the right is what I'll be doing; my original is on the left. 
Sure it will change my overall measurements a little
but I'll just deal with that later.


(I could increase the size of the strips but I prefer smaller pieces
as a general rule--and I've already cut some strips.)

No matter the decision, it all serves to prove making trial blocks
are never a waste of time.  AndI've now relaxed a little (a little!)
there because these stitched up quickly.  I've been kind of panicky
lately knowing I have three to four large quilts to complete over
the next few months which are going to be busy enough already.

I have started quilting the hexi quilt but immediately ran into
tension problems again.  Why this occurs about every 4 or 5
quilts, I have no idea but I'll be a much happier person when
I get it sorted back out.
(I'm pretty sure this has something to do with why I need
the log cabin block to be simple!)
I really should just take the LA in for a good solid tune-up but,
like any of us would do, I'm trying to time it
when I won't be needing it for several weeks.

In my last post, I was trying out a new recipe for sourdough
baguettes; I didn't quite trust that so little work
would yield a good result.  Oh me of little faith!

In fact, it was the best sourdough bread I've made so far.
Lots of that "bite."  Definitely a keeper.

Weekly goals
Finish quilting hexi (need a name!) and bind
Make next log cabin trial blocks; then go ahead with lots!
Hit end-of-bolt sale for log cabin backing

Happy quilting!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You can send some of that bread to me ;) Have fun with the blocks, now that you know what you want to do.

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