22 January 2019

Road Trip: Fabric for the West Point Quilt

I'm still learning how to use my EQ8 program (thanks Santa!)
but here is a "rough draft" of I'm planning for the
West Point quilt--except I have a change or two.

The blocks are grays--very dark to very light.  I'll be making the
center smaller and the cornerstones will actually be gold stars
I just haven't figured out how to do this on the program yet.

Starting this seemed like a good excuse to head to Missouri Star
so off I went on another trip to Hamilton MO, this time with hubs.
Something to note there, men:  the pub is not open on Mondays!
(poor, poor hubs--at least there was Man's Land!)

There was a biting cold wind and lots of snow--not the best
weather for walking around but I, of course, enjoyed it!

I was more focused on fabrics than the quilts around me so, other
than this stunning quilt above, I took no other pics.  I remember it
being a little more antique-y than in my pic so that it really didn't
seem so much a Halloween quilt; either way, a beautiful quilt!

I wasn't too successful finding what I needed for my son's quilt
but at least I formed a better idea--and I did get a start.  There are
always plenty of shops closer to home so, as long as the weather
is conducive, I'll start hitting some of those later this week.

I did kinda-sorta <wink> find some other fabrics though.
A $3/yd end-of-bolt sale?  I had to look at those and likely
would have purchased more if not for the obligation of taking
entire bolt (most were very full).  In my case, this was a
good thing--I'm supposed to be decreasing my bolt stash!

Here's one I found with minimal yardage; very me.
(This would have gone so well with my last project!)

I have a 30's quilt in mind so I picked these up:  
Red/pink:  3+ yards (or a Valentine's Day project?)
Green leaf:  14 yards (yikes!) for backing and maybe a border 
and/or binding...and maybe a baby quilt or two?

have a layer cake and about 4.5 yds (bolt) from the same line
as the above teal w/eggs fabric so I grabbed it up at $5/yd.

The solid gray is for the hexi quilt that my daughter picked out;
I posted a little about this last summer and it's on this year's list.

I've cut out all the main pieces using an 8" 60-degree triangle
ruler rather than a template--that was very worthwhile buy,
even if it's not likely I'll do very much else with it.  I'm not a
ruler-collector but as I hadn't a single triangle already, 
it seemed a good idea.

I just have the background fabrics to cut now, something I intended
on doing but it's been a very lazy day after all of yesterday's driving.
It's also bitter cold and windy so I'm sitting in front of a fire.
I will either continue to be lazy in front of this fire or hop up and
start cutting out more of the hexi quilt.  Decisions...

Happy quilting!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That West Point quilt will be great.

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