01 January 2019

Last End-of-the-Bolt Sale of the Year

It was the day after Christmas and I did it again.
I went to the monthly End-of-the-Bolt Sale.
I emerged with three, and then swore off the sale till
next year!


Ok for at least the next few months.
And then I drove right back home because I don't do
the after-Christmas shopping thing.  Unless I happen
to be at Target anyway...[wink]

All clearance Christmas fabric was $5/yd so
here are the lovelies that I picked up.


#1 Blue/snowflakes--6+ yds
A snow quilt!

#2 Christmas pine--9+ yds
Christmas gift (back, a border & maybe a little of the piecing)

#3 An ivory that doesn't look Christmas-y at all--7+ yds
With my tastes, I'll snatch up any ivory for backgrounds or backings

Now I have no regrets but my bolt stash is getting out of control.
I used to keep just a few for backings but suddenly I'm at 26.
Gotta get that back down to 10-ish.
Which means I need to get busy.  Not a problem!

Happy New Year and happy quilting!

1 comment:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We always need more background fabrics. Love the snowflake fabric.

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