28 January 2019

Hexie Quilt Takes Off

Things are really taking off with the hexie quilt.

I love to make quilts for others but I have kind of
a personal rule to never make them "special order."
Yet, here I am making one so I guess I make exceptions for
my own kids.  However, it's solidifying in my mind
to stick to that personal rule.  I'm getting in some fun sewing
time but I don't feel any creativity going on here.  It probably
doesn't help that I'm using a pre-selected set of fat quarters.
Of course, this is a great option for someone, like my daughter,
 who isn't used to picking out fabrics for a quilt...but, I digress.

When there are 288 "pie slices" to piece together, it's definitely
audiobook time.  I started David Copperfield back in November
(I think)--listened quite often for a while, dropped off during the holidays
and then picked it back up again a few weeks ago.  I knew it was
a big book but wow--it seems like I've been listening to it forever.
Not that I'm not enjoying it; I am.  Let's just say I would just like
to find out how things turn out for "Master Davie"
by the end of this quilt.

And here's where I'm at so far.
To help with the "randomness" of this quilt, I made the decision
to piece these differently from the directions--meaning I'm
going to have to deal with Y seams...and I think that'll be okay.
I've done them before.  But just to make sure, I might start 
putting some of this together before I go farther, just to make
sure this is how I want to continue.

Meanwhile, my sewing room has "pie pairings" strewn about
and it's a little like having landmine issues to deal with
while trying to get to my sewing machine...

...except for that whole being-killed thing.
There doesn't seem to be any of that.
(Death by fabric?)
Still, the sooner I get all this off my floor, the better.

So, this week:
Finish hexie quilt top

And that's really it.

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

It looks really nice. I agree that sewing on request is not nearly as much fun, but I do like the layout of your blocks. Audiobooks are perfect sewing companions.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

One of my early quilts used y-seams. I didn't know it was harder with y-seams back then, I just did it. I like how each hexie is surrounded by the white then solid gray. It makes them pop.

Debbie said...

Boy, that is a lot of y-seams! But it looks good. Enjoy the process and remember its a journey of love here. I agree that is part of why I never did commission quilts......frustration and boredom.

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