03 January 2019

Favorite Things: A Selection of Snow-Themed Quilts

Whiskers on kittens are certainly up there but
snowflakes are always my most favorite thing.
I'll take 'em on my nose and eyelashes and always
in my front yard but they just never stick around long
enough for my taste.
The next best thing?  Put 'em on a quilt.

I have one picked out for this year already but I thought
it would still be fun to create a whole list of possibilities.
Never hurts to have a reference for future projects!

Icy Windowpanes

I'll start off with the one I'd like to make this month.

Hoffman Fabrics "Icy Windowpanes"

This will be perfect for my large-print fabrics.

First Snow

Woodberry Way:  First Snow ($9)


There are so many blocks that have snow potential when made
with wintry blue fabrics on white.  I found this quilt on Pinterest
but the link no longer existed; it may even be
mis-named because I eventually found this:

Stepping Stones by Sew Fresh Quilts

Nice to be able to see the alternate or "negative".


The Quilting Company "Snowfall" (Quiltmakers Jan/Feb Issue

This is just downright fantastic and it's a
dresden plate which I really want to do soon.
I really thought I'd do a scrappy one but this one
has that "oh, I really want to make that!" allure to it.
Quite a bit of work here but that doesn't always stop me;
it does make me time a project wisely though.
Maybe next year when the nest is completely empty?

Norwegian Holiday

Norwegian Holiday

Sweaters and socks are also some of my favorite things.
(If you don't see what I see in that quilt, then this
comment is just really random)

Star of Chamblie Sampler Quilt

Red & white + feathered stars = so, soooo pretty! 

I also found these two pinned together but I
looked and looked to no avail--sad. 

I would love to know where the credit goes for these.
Will have to reverse image search later once I can pull
this up on my phone and come back to edit if I find anything,
(Always be careful to pin correctly!  I try to make
sure anything I re-pin has a true link to it.)

Aurora Feathered Star

Aurora Feathered Star by Bernina

A single large block for a seasonal wall-hanging.
More attemptable for the faint of heart feathered star?

I think just about any feathered star can be made
to look snow-y so that's enough of those I guess.

Winterfall Nordic Star Quilt

An easier quilt with all the feeling
of snow.  And isn't Nordic synonymous with snow?
Throw in some snow fabric and it's a done-deal.

Winter Joy

The Quilted Castle:  Winter Joy ($10.50)

I've been eyeing this one for a while; I like
the neutrals for a variation on typical snow quilts.

Blueberry Ice

Quilting Company: Blueberry Ice

Seeing this in antique fabrics.

Mosaic Snowflake

This is great in any color scheme but the wintry ones
would be my choice, especially red on that gray.
The teal is nice too.

Hexie Snowflake

Quilter's Planner:  Hexie Snowflake

This one is only available in a magazine that comes with

The Quilter's Planner.  I'd love to have one of these but
I already have my own planner so I guess I'm out of luck here.
There is mention of selling just the magazine if there are issues
left over but I'm saving this for the layout idea.
Snowflake sampler blocks arranged in a snowflake shape?
I can really imagine a big version of this on my bed.

With that I'll wrap it up.  Next winter when I'm ready
to make another snow quilt, I'll be well-prepared...
except it might be hard to choose.
Which is your favorite?

Happy snow day quilting!


Debbie said...

Easy...window panes for me, but Stepping stones looks like you!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I really like Lorna's (Sew Fresh Quilts) Stepping Stones.

Linda in Calif. said...

"Sweaters and socks are also some of my favorite things.
(If you don't see what I see in that quilt, then this
comment is just really random)" Oh that is so funny!! I'm going to be laughing all day over it. I can't wait to tell my girls this joke.

I love all these winter quilts - I just wish I had what it takes to makes them. Wait - I wish I had what it takes to make ONE of them. Hahaha

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