13 December 2018

Stars and Pinwheels Quilt Top Finish

To send Christmas cards or not to send Christmas cards?

I've never been one to send them out every year
but the older I get, the more I want to send warm greetings
to those we rarely see.  I've been trying to get those
warm greetings in the mail for a few weeks now and
I'm telling myself that today is the day!

I've also told myself that today I'm making time to post
what I've been up to in the sewing room so here it is.

Firstly, I made the November block of my BOM.
I'm afraid my interest in this project has dwindled some.
I still have December to finish but, like the Christmas cards,
I keep pushing that to the back burner.

Another project that has been on the back burner for several years
is this one.  I really thought this would be the year, and I still do.
I just can't figure out what quilt to make with it.  I brought the
fabrics out and marked the amounts that I have.
But the biggest issue here isn't yardage--it's direction.
The patterns in all three fabrics on the right go only
one direction and that's making it really hard for me to
choose just the right quilt to display these.
It also  needs to be big enough for our bed.
There are definitely Christmas themes going on but I think the
red and white will allow me to have it out through Valentine's Day.
We always celebrate the entire Christmas Season so our
tree is up through half of January anyway.

Now for the biggest reveal of this post:

I finished my stars and pinwheels (still unnamed) quilt top!
I often talk about how I dislike math so when I started this one
I really had no idea if I could get it big enough to fit my bed.  I figured
I would just start packing on borders.  If you'll remember, that third
border fabric I bought at the end-of-the-bolt sale.
Just over 2 yds, I think, was all they had left.

While I had good intentions of matching those flowers up at the
seams, I wasn't thinking about how the top and bottom pieces
would have to go sideways...  Turns out I had no amount to play with
but that busy print lined up well enough anyway.  I don't really like
how it displays in the full-quilt picture above but up close the flowers
are warm and cheery--but in my dark, bold colors of course.

At this point, I knew it would fit my bed and I was getting pretty
excited about it, let me tell you.  When I tossed it on there to get a
good look, I was reminded that due to the design of our bed the top
and bottom borders won't really show.  Up close, it's hard to notice
the direction of the flowers anyway.
I think it'll be a great fit and a nice look for our room.

I had to make a dash to the LQS to find a workable fabric for the back.
I'm a little bummed there wasn't anything in my own stash but I was able
to score 9 yards of a decent match from the clearance section.  I didn't put
anything interesting on the back this time because the holidays are upon
us and I'm too busy.  Plus, I want it on the frame and out of the way.
Who sees the back when it's on a bed anyway?

Have you noticed I'm getting a collection of quilts for my own bed?
Getting pretty excited about that, too.

Now, back to those Christmas cards...

Happy quilting!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt top. Just keep the name Stars & Pin Wheels. It works. I usually send out cards every couple of years. This was going to be the year, since we had our first grandbaby, but, when hubby's job was eliminated in Oct, I just didn't want to send out cards (Merry Christmas, we are jobless just doesn't sound festive). It's hard to work with directional fabrics.

Debbie said...

Turned out beautiful! The border is a good choice for enlargement. It makes those stars and pin wheels float. One the bed who will even notice.

Needled Mom said...

Your stars and pinwheels quilt looks just gorgeous on your bed. It is easy to tire of a BOM quilt. I love the idea of a red and white quilt. It can be used for lots of holidays and looks so striking.

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