Herbs and Spices Finish

Happy December!
Like most of us, my focus has been on the upcoming holiday
so little has been going on in my sewing room.  And that's fine
because I've been too busy to post about anything anyway.
Happily I can announce that most of my shopping is done!
Just bits and pieces to wrap up.  Literally.

I'm usually flying through thread and fabric about now
but I just chose to make less gifts this year.
Anyhoo, I finally set about quilting up Herbs and Spices.
Oddly, I have found that once I get a quilt loaded and ready,
I tend to put off of beginning for a few days.  I'm still trying
to figure that one out because it's all kinds of fun.

With Christmas music on, I got an early start just as the sun
was beginning to illuminate the scenery outside my windows.
As always, I gotta work in a room with a view.

If you can see the leaf pattern above, that one is so easy
and enjoyable--almost mesmerizing.  For you Austin-ites,
I was excessively diverted.

I typically do just a few hours at a time but when I get 
on a roll and everything is just falling into place
(especially my stitching), I don't want to stop.  And if I'm
really good, I don't have to because it's a crockpot day!
(Don't you love it when that happens?)

What I don't love is when finish day rolls around and it's 26 degrees.
Who wants to do a porch pic then??  But with a quilt that's 85X102,
my options are limited.  Very limited.
So that moment when you get to step back and see
a full view of what you've been working on so closely
for the last few weeks is always great but I wasn't going
to stand around to oogle it all day, that's for sure!
(A lot warmer to do it sitting in front of the computer [wink].)

As I said, that leaf pantograph gives great results.
Actually, every aspect of this quilt went well.
I may only be a year into this long-arm thing, but I learned
quickly that quilts don't want to roll perfectly straight.
Maybe it's the theory of chaos or something.
Your use of measuring utensils and markings doesn't matter.
You can take all the steps but those quilts are all
gonna move around at least a tiny bit.  
This one?  Every.  Single. Row.  Perfectly in line.
(At least that I could tell so if you see something off, don't tell me!)
Not once did I have to adjust it as I rolled.
Take that, Chaos!
Mic drop.

Note that I stuck to my
newly adopted "no more boring backings" rule.

It's now wrapped and under the tree.
Along with the couple other gifts I made.
All that remains is it finish my BOM that I started last
January.  All the blocks have now been posted so off I go.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
Wonderful fabulous finish! What a joy to see.
Nice quilt and nice porch picture of it. Such a pretty porch to feature, too.