Stars and Pinwheels Update

Nothing makes a holiday meal go smoothly like being well-prepared
so I've been alternating my time between the sewing room and the
kitchen.  Actually, it's been mostly the kitchen for several days.

Still, I completed all 30 of my stars and pinwheels blocks.
Next comes the border that will complete the outer pinwheels.

So far, this isn't a very big quilt so we may be looking at
several borders--I kind of wanted this one on my bed. 

Herbs and Spices is all loaded up on the long arm and ready to go.

Bearing in mind what I decided after making my Halloween Candy
quilt, I took a little extra time to make a more interesting backing.
I happened to have another Jo Morton fabric, not of this line,
that matched well.  Piecing up two more blocks, I was able to make
a large enough strip across the center, extending my main fabric
of which I didn't have quite enough.   

Yes, I'd love to have thrown together a simple backing--
"so many quilts, so little time" and all that.
But I try to question why I'm making this quilt in the first place:
simply to complete a quilt, or to create a quilt?
I don't think making quilts should be just checking off boxes on a list,
though it can easily happen, especially when they are gifts.
I sometimes think the quilt community has to be careful not to head
 that way with all of the quick and easy patterns, precuts, etc.
I'm not saying those are "bad"--I use them myself here and there.
I just think there comes a time when we don't want to fly through
a project, or we don't want to let the latest styles push us or hold
us back, as the case could be made for a "con" of pre-cuts
(yep, still have that love-hate thing going on). 

Maybe these are just some things I'll be thinking on
when making my quilt plans and goals for the new year.
Before then, I do want to get these two quilts finished,
possibly another one or two for gifts and a little other sewing as
time might allow. 
Tomorrow I'll be setting out a major feast and just maybe
I might start a little Christmas decorating.
Black Friday shopping?  Not even planning on leaving the house.

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy quilting! 


Debbie said…
The stars look great. I love your philosophy on creating a quilt vs making one. Enjoy the process and the journey you take to finish it up. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and wonderful times with family.
Both quilts are turning out very nice.