10 November 2018

Snow Day Sew Day

Does the fall cleaning ever end?
While doing a great job of tackling my list of to-do's,
I kept finding more and so ended up spending most
of my week cleaning--indoors and out.  I'm so ready
to settle in for the winter with my house completely clean.
Windows, curtains, light fixtures, you name it.
It has been too long!

With snow and freezing temps in the forecast, there
were things outside that could not be ignored.
The girls now have a wind break on their run, a curtain on their
doorway to block drafts and extra herbs hanging pleasantly
on the walls inside the coop.  They've been given lots of
fresh herbs, marigolds and rose petals.  It sounds like
they're spoiled but they were really just helping with the
garden clean up.  Lucky for them, I grow healthy food.

By Thursday I was very ready to be in the sewing room and
it turned out to be a snow day to boot! I loved watching it
as I worked on the sashing.  (Unfortunately it all melted
immediately or we'd have a nice winter wonderland out there.)
As I was sewing, the pile of leftover fabric strips spoke to me.
If the game plan was going to be switched, that was the moment.
I'm the kind of quilter who would rather get that into the quilt
it was meant for rather than add it to my scrap bin.
So I stopped everything and added another row.

The game plan is now on hold while I wait for the fabric for
one of the borders.  So of course that means I can start
a NEW game quilt.  And it is a good time to be inside.  Brrr!
Happy quilting!

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