05 November 2018

Ribbon Star Quilt

If I were to finally get my yard/garden work done, today would
have to be the day.  There's even snow in the forecast [smile!].
The temps are slowly getting lower and the trees are becoming
more bare by the day.  Signs of the winter to come--which means
it's time to start working on those Christmas gifts.

It does seem early but I feel it's perfectly acceptable to put on
some light instrumental Christmas music in the sewing room only:
(like this playlist or this one on spotify or I have lots of cds)
1)  It's after Halloween.
2) Sewing room = Santa's Workshop
The serious Christmas music comes after Thanksgiving--
which I'm getting pretty excited for.  I have football-watching games
on hand--the kids will all be home at least for some of it--
but need to come up with a couple fun or silly prizes.
And the menu planning has begun.

Okay, on to quilting.
I'm off and running with my next quilt already!

I'm shooting for getting most of my Christmas sewing completed
by Thanksgiving.  This pattern, Ribbon Star, is in the Winter Vol 3, Is 1
of Block  but there is also a free tutorial available on their blog.
*Uses a jelly roll--I have one.
*Goes together fairly quickly--proven.
*Pretty traditional look to fit the recipients--yep.


I cut my own "jelly roll" for the background but I'm using
Jo Morton's "Spice It Up" fabric line for the ribbon stars.

And as often happens with pre-cuts some fabrics weren't
the best choice for this but I just went with those stripes anyway.

And it took me 2 hours to try to match all these sets up.
It seemed impossible to get that proper mix of patterns and
color in every one of the 20 blocks (pre-cut cons!).
I finally gave up and and just went with that, too.
I tend to find something that works okay...
and then start thinking, "hey, this could be better..."
Two hours later I realize that enough is enough.
Once again, I tell myself that making my own pre-cut is
the way to go but I still love it when I see those collections
all put together and sometimes just can't resist.
I think if I owned a quilt shop, I would create my own
precut collections to sell--if that's allowed.
Funny, the thing that used to intimidate me most about
quilting is now the thing I love the most--fabric selection.
And if I did make my own, I would keep the lights and the darks
separate.  As in two different jelly rolls, or cakes or whatever.
Honestly, they'd probably sell TWO instead of one that way anyway.
Enough on that.  Here's what I did:

In just a few days, I got the entire quilt cut out and all 
 20 blocks completed!  Progress like this is dangerous.
I'll start thinking of all the people who I'd love to surprise
with a quilt this Christmas.   Well, there are worse things.

Not sure how much quilting will happen today since I really
need to be outside but I just might get that sashing on, too.

Happy fall quilting!

Agressive as always, here is my week's game-plan:
Finish Ribbon Star quilt top
Start Pinwheel and Star quilt
Make placemats
Finish last of window cleaning that I keep putting off
Trim down last few rose plants
Trim last few shrubs
Finally go to the dentist for that pain that I keep putting off!

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