12 November 2018

More Snow, Sewing and Geese

 We had a nice snow over the weekend but with lots of rain mixed in,
I still didn't get to see my winter wonderland--until I woke up at
 5 am this morning to that unmistakable "snow glow".  Finally!
And after spending two days cutting out 1300 to 1400 pieces for
my next quilt, spending a few hours sewing away in front of
the winter scene out the window was just my cup of tea coffee.

I don't really write well with my finger!
Actually, who am I kidding?  I don't write well with a pen either.

I always do my best to conserve so of the 72 strips of background fabric
required, I was able to get by using only 64, saving over 1/2 yard of fabric.
I could've done even better but I'd already cut all the strips so didn't
bother but needless to say, I've made notes all about it in the book.
Still, I find it to be very obvious and am a little curious how it
went unnoticed.  Or are we that much a throw-away society?
Of course, quilters use scraps so maybe it's not an issue
for who wrote it up.  

For this quilt I'm using Nature's Glory by Kansas Troubles.
With so many flying geese to make, it's helpful to be crazy
about this fabric.

Oh, the rich dark colors!  Such beautiful fabric that I just can't
can't get enough of, which is why I'll be keeping this quilt.
Hopefully I can make it big enough for our bed--if not, it may end up
folded at the end of the bed because I'll want this out and visible.

I've been trying out a few new tools here and there--anything that
might help avoid neck, back and shoulder pain.  I've noticed that I
have been pushing too hard on my rotary cutter so I decided it
was time to try a couple different styles.  I have to be honest,
I haven't really tried the other much because I can't let go of the
one in the above picture.  It took me a couple days to get used to it
but I'm hooked now.  Especially if you have a lot of trimming to do!

And on that trimming, I've started keeping what I trim off of
HST's and such so now have 3 different collections going.

I think sewing these up into tiny little HST's will be all kinds of fun
and I can't wait to get at them, though for what I have no idea!

Hopefully, I'll have actual blocks to show next time.
Happy quilting!

Looking at the week ahead
I'm finding it's really helpful and motivating to make a list here
so I'm continuing to do so really just for my own use.
Looking at last week, I got so much done--above and beyond
the list even, except for those placemats.  I'll get to them.
Soon.  I have to!  They're a gift.

 This week's list:
Clean carpets
Clean out pantry
Plan Thanksgiving dinner
Add border to Ribbon Star
Continue with Stars and Pinwheels
November BOM


Debbie said...

Love the rich colors yo are using, too! That is the rotary cutter I have used for a long time...saves so much wear and tear on joints too when it closes by itself.
As for instructions....I think they are often meant to create fabric buying! I rarely find one that is a good for proper use of fabric in cutting.

Needled Mom said...

I love the Kansas Troubles fabrics. Those are going to make a beautiful finish.

Yes, it it definitely snow I see out that window.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We were driving thru Texas (rain) when you got your snow. We didn't want the snow. LOTS of snow here (back home) now.

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