Herbs & Spices Quilt Top Complete

I'm still chipping away at my fall cleaning (the carpets are all done!)
but I've also done a crazy (and fun!) amount of sewing.
With hubs off in New Zealand on business for a week, I was
able to really put some extra time in on my latest two quilts.

Firstly, my ribbon star quilt top is done!
With the fabric line "Spice It Up" and my addition
of the green, I've decided to call it Herbs and Spices.

Yes, more dark pictures--all of my finishes just seem to happen
in the evenings.  I'll be sure to get a good one at its finish.
It's really hard to see the fabrics and colors well in these but when
I get a finish pic, you'll be able to see better all the Herbs and Spices.

Adding that extra row turned it into a really big quilt:  85x102.
I had intended this gift to be a throw-type quilt but now I'm thinking
it could just as easily end up on a bed, or at least at the foot of one.

It would be really wonderful to have it completely done
by Thanksgiving but I'm going to take my time either way.
I don't know which pattern I'll be using yet but part
of the plan is to quilt something special in each corner.

The stars and pinwheels quilt is also moving along well;
just lots and lots of piecing and trimming.

My tiny scrap HST collection is in the hundreds!

Only six blocks completed here but it's so fun to see the
pinwheels form at the corners.  And I'm still loving the fabric.
I might just say that in every post about this quilt.
No worries--at the rate I'm going that might just be one more time!

I've gotten an early start today and I have a coffee in hand so
off I go to piece the backing for Herbs and Spices and
then to set the batting out to breathe.  After that I'll be back on
those stars and pinwheels until it's time to get hubs at the airport.

Happy quilting!



Debbie said…
Stars and pinwheels is just fabulous. Love the design. The Spices and Herbs is perfect....design and name. It has been raining here for a week. Almost 6 inches so far. The forecast calls for a dry sunny weekend and we are sure looking forward to it. I use to get miles of things sewn when Russ traveled, so keep on!