19 September 2018

September Block

It's a "BOM day".
The September block is done--nine down, three to go.

I really want to give this quilt to a friend who has an October
birthday but, of course, as a Block of the Month quilt, I won't have
the final block till December so that won't do.

I even considered stopping with just nine blocks but I want
it to be big enough for snuggling.  And besides, this girl
is no quitter so no bowing out of BOMs early.
This might just have to be a random surprise.

Speaking of surprises--I just realized that the shop hop is in
mere two weeks.  TWO weeks!?!  I need to get things
hopping in the sewing room so that I am prepared for it.

I kid you not when I say it is an overwhelming day of driving
and shopping so for a successful shop hop, I've found you
really can't be too prepared.  I take along fabrics to match up,
patterns/pattern books of any planned projects and all requirements*
of anything written down (see note below).
So you see, it's pretty serious stuff! ;o)

Happy quilting!  

*One trick I do with WIPs:   I put these in a large clear bag
(usu. 2-gal size Ziploc, unzipped); on the front I write what is still
needed to complete the project and the quantity that is needed, ie:
"Border--1 1/4 yds, Backing--6 yds"
I'm usually able to match fabrics to these without even taking
them out of the bag which avoids any damage especially with
so many UFOs having "open"/unknotted stitching exposed.
I also do this on regular trips to a shop if I need more than just
a couple things because, let's face it, all that fabric
can be pretty distracting!  ;o)

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Back when we had shop hops in our area (they have all kinda fizzled out) I used to make a list of what I needed, including swatches of fabric that needed to be matched. I also had a couple of ziplocks of fabrics. I was pretty good at sticking to my list, unless I came across sewing themed fabrics, then all bets were off. We did 14 stores in 2 days one time. Fun!

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