05 September 2018

Rainy Day Quilting - Update on Minis

Rain.  All week long,
More rain = more quilt weather.

I thought I'd be farther along with the minis but they're
definitely progressing so that's enough for me.  
With 64 completed, I'm not quite through my first round.
I cut out way more than I thought!

I placed them randomly above; in the actual quilt there will be
an ivory block in between each, checkerboard-style so to speak.
I'm having fun with the antique-y look and I can already tell
this will be one I want to keep...just not sure what I'll do with it.
Maybe I'll stick it out for a few more rounds and it'll end up on a bed,
as crazy as 100's of those little blocks sounds, but if not, it does seem
like a "curl up next to the fireplace" kind of quilt in color and pattern.

Today I'll be working the next set of blocks for the QAL
though an afternoon appointment will break that up a little.
 On the menu, I have a simple meal of these Creamy Pork Chops 
with roasted sweet potatoes and, hmm, maybe peas.
I've been listening to Charles Dickens' David Copperfield--
at over 36 hours long, it seems to be a good choice
with all the things I have going on in the sewing room
and the weather to back it up.

Happy Quilting!


Debbie said...

Love your current project but boy that is a lot of tiny hsts! I think it has a homey feel to it. Send us some rain....it is still way to hot here and dry!

Katherine said...

Oh, this is so gorgeous! Love the antique look, too. Your really nailed it with your colours, this will be an amazing quilt.

Katherine said...

So beautiful! I also love the antique look you have with this and think it will be an amazing quilt.

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