21 September 2018

A Little Sewing By the Window

I finally got some solid sun time in the pool yesterday!
 Today?  Well, tomorrow may be the first day of fall but it seems
to have hit here already.  Overnight things changed.
Dark clouds, rain, and wind out of the north.
Coffee weather.  Sweater weather.  Sewing weather.
Bring it.

I know I keep saying I'm getting on that long arm but while it's in
the brightest room of the house, that also means it's in the hottest
room in the house--during the summer anyway.

The view is great in there and now with our forecast
I'm sure I'll get in there soon enough.  For now,
I've been having a lot of fun with my little impromptu project--

The fabrics are fun and bright, yet seasonal,
and most importantly, all from my stash.
I have all my 4-squares sewn up and made up a trial star.

As always, it's a great idea to make up that trial one before
the assembly line begins.  This one tells me that I might need
to pin that center seam to match it up a little better.
(Because of thickness, I pressed that one open so nestling together isn't an option)
I don't like pinning--one of the many reasons quilting is so much more
fun than sewing clothes!--but I do like well-matched seams.
I guess I can manage a pin here and there.

I want to mention a quick little read I came across this morning
by the Needled Mom.  Being on the edge of the "empty nest",
this made me really smile and will probably bring some happy tears
to your eyes as it did for me:   "THE Table" by the Needled Mom.

So today it's just some stress-free sewing in front of an open
window, enjoying the coming season the way a quilter should.

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my table post. We are thrilled to have it back.

I've been looking through your back posts and happy to see you are doing the Seeing Stars too. You have some gorgeous quilts.

I will be interested to see what becomes of your machine, but so glad you have a dependable backup.

Debbie said...

Wonderful forecast.....finally fall has arrived for you. Love your block. It will be a fun one to make.

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