21 August 2018

Mini-Blocks to Distraction

More than one friend has told me recently:
"At least you have your quilting!"
After years of having children to take care of,
many of us are now very close to or at the empty nest time of life.
With our 4, we've had children at home for 25 years, and many
of our friends have been blessed with even more kids for more years.
Now we all just have some adjusting to do.  Everyone in her own way.

So yes, thank goodness for my quilting.
Maybe I can even do some recruiting?!

Maybe this isn't the best way to lure in new quilters
(okay, you just never know!)
but I wanted to give an update on my work with the tiny blocks.

(Loving the black ones!)

Having completed 24, I think it's time for a little break.
Tomorrow I'll be hitting the gym for the first time in
months  years  heck, I'm not sure--a good long time!
But after that I'll be joining along with others for our second set
of stars in the QAL.
We have had the a/c off and the windows open for the last
several days; rain is predicted for tomorrow with a high of 71'!
So perfect for quilting...so not like August.
Can we just please have this and skip that whole Indian Summer thing?


Debbie said...

Love your pile of little blocks! Good for you, setting a plan and working thru it.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute blocks. Too tiny for me, since I tend to jumbo everything.

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