03 August 2018

Jacob's Ladder College Quilt Top Complete

The top is done and I couldn't be happier with it!
That's my teaser photo; I'll get to the real one in a bit.

But first...what is up with our beautiful weather?
Kansas is usually pretty brutal--triple digits--about now but
for about 2 weeks we've had rains and highs in the 80's.
It's incredibly rejuvenating to step out and be greeted with that instead of,
even early in the morning, by "oh ick!".  But lately, I'm wearing a smile
of relief and a light sweater--sweater-weather is my favorite.
This post is even a little longer than I had intended because
I'm enjoying the whole morning outside--in August!
(okay, I'm usually outside in the garden anyway but sweating in the heat!)

Having taken the morning off, I'm sitting on a patio at a coffee shop.
It's not my favorite; sadly that one closed after just a few years.
I've been in mourning for a couple months now.
I miss seeing the regulars, I miss the owners who had
become friends and I miss real coffee.  Nothing else
compares--they roasted on-site even.  I suppose a positive
thing out of this is that I can get by on very little coffee a day.
I could easily quit if I wanted...but I don't want to.  Why?
I love mornings, I like routine and coffee seems fitting.

My routine has changed though.  I only go to a coffee shop maybe
twice a week now.  It's a quiet visit.  I might see someone I know,
I might not.  As a SAHM, I became pretty dependent on the interaction
at my old shop--maybe not all "friends" but people you see almost daily
to greet and see what's up with them.  That had more of an impact
than I ever realized.  At the time I really needed that with the chaos
of those few years (losing Mom, surgery, etc).  I still think I need it and
I badly want to replace it but I also think that God is saying
I need to use my time a little more wisely than healing spending
an hour at a coffee shop almost daily.

The garden certainly keeps me crazy busy and I've been making
all kinds of mental notes on where to cut back next year.
Our youngest "child" will be off to college then
(I may have a big announcement there but it isn't official yet!)
and we will be empty-nesters.  I could cut the garden in half
 and probably would still have too much, even with sharing
with the kids and friends.  What am I to do with that space?!?
Notice, I don't ask "what am I to do with that extra time?" :o)

Did I mention this weather is rejuvenating?!?
I get in a real quilting slump during the hot days especially when
don't have much time for it but I'm back to putting more hours
in the sewing room.  Cooler weather is such a quilt-catalyst.
And so, on to the Creighton-themed quilt...

I had plenty of border options but didn't deliberate much;
 I just picked, threw in some extra pieces..and voila, done.
It ended up measuring 99x77 so it's a little bigger than a TwinXL
but that can't be a problem for a college kid man, and certainly
it will be welcome in the middle of winter in Nebraska.

Here's a quick reminder on the school colors...

and so, without further ado, here's the big reveal:

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and tend to always think there's
a better way to everything.  I know to others it can come across
as being hard on myself or negative and I fight that a little bit but
for the most part, I just let it be a happy and positive driving force.
With every quilt finish, I step back and think about what I'd have
done differently and use it to learn for next time.
Can I just say, in all humility, I don't think I have a thing to learn here.
Nothing.  I just think it's perfect and I love it!
And I might just get a little giddy every time I look at it.

Now if only my quilting can measure up to at least half that standard!
I have a couple weeks yet before "the day" so I'll be taking my time.
Today I'm piecing up the back.  I hesitated there but running off
to the store to buy a large amount of fabric to make the back look great
seemed impractical when I have all this gray that I don't really need.

I'm going for big horizontal strips and that will just have to do.
I see it as being in the thrifty spirit of college life!  ;o)

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Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely quilt! We were empty nesters for one school year, then, BOTH moved back home for a summer, and while one went back to college (never to return home again) the other is still here, all these years later. I've gone thru 'stages' as life has changed. It's normal.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

The quilt is fantastic and i love a pieced back too.

I feel your 'coffee shop' pain. I used to breakfast with a friend every second Friday. She would go off to work and Id go about my days tasks. She moved 4 hours away about 18 months ago. I still feel that void. It was a real 'me' time away from kids & responsibilities.

I really need to put myself out there and find another friend or outlet.

Debbie said...

So perfect...a really great quilt. A pieced back shows a little human/mama touch. Smile when you think of it.
Wish I had the wisdom of very wise words to ease you into the transition of this next fledgling taking flight. Alas, I don't. It is only the next step in your life's journey, and you will gain free time to invest in yourself and others. Your routine will shift but life will be full and blessed because you let go.

Unknown said...

Ta-Da!! Pat yourself on the back; quilt IS perfect. Enjoy your coffee by your awesome pool, save coffee shop chatter for cold, cozy winter weather. Or call your sister. I'll drink a cup with you!

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