A Quick Christmas Quilt

I never rarely buy kits but the shop's sample was pretty and the
clearance price even better.  I put it away for about a year but
I needed just such a small project this weekend so out it came.

Oh alright, truthfully I brought it out months ago hoping I'd
get to it...but didn't.  It happens.
Let's just focus on the finish here, ok?


It's not quite finished but it's all ready for quilting tomorrow.
The kit included all the fabric for the top along with the book
Three Times the Charm in which this pattern can be found.
Wonderfully, this used up every single charm in the pack.
No left-overs!

I really enjoy picking out fabrics for projects which is why
I avoid kits but sometimes it sure is nice to have a no-brainer
in one's closet (or sitting out) on hand for some mindless sewing.

That being said, sometimes when making a specifically 
requested quilt, it can be easier for them to just pick an
entire line of fabrics.  I know it can be overwhelming to someone
who has no experience in quilting--and to some who do quilt!

Anyone see where I'm going with this?
Yep, another project is added to the list.

Floral Hues -- Sue Daley Designs

I'm sure it looks like I'm going a little crazy with the projects here
but I feel completely in check (no snickering or knowing looks!) so
I had no guilt ordering this fat quarter set for a queen size quilt I'll be
making for my second daughter.  It should arrive tomorrow.

In looking through the pattern, I realize this one isn't going to be
in the "quick and easy" category but that will be okay.  I plan to
start it this winter after the holiday chaos.  

I also had planned another count on the mini's but I forgot
to grab a pic and it's late so we'll save that for next time.

Happy quilting!


Normally kits are the wrong size, or the wrong colors, etc. I also like to prewash my fabrics, so, kits (and precuts) don't work well for me. I have used a few of them over the years (several jelly rolls on the shelf).