09 July 2018

Garden, Swim, Quilt, Repeat.

 It has basically been "garden, swim, quilt and repeat" around here.

That doesn't make for a rough summer
but there just aren't enough hours in my days to get
anything else done.  And now we're on that half of the year when
the days are getting shorter.
I often feel like this place requires a full-time groundskeeper.
At least for 3 seasons out of the year.
And I wouldn't mind being that person but one, I can no longer
do some of the bigger chores and two, I have
so many other things I want and need to do.

I've gotten very few herbs dried but I do tend to do
more of that in the fall, though they need trimming now.
However I am working them into my cooking as much as possible.

While everything tastes better home grown,
I've found cabbage to be one of those that's "above and beyond"
and have made a mental note to grow more next year, especially
as we're finding more and more recipes we enjoy it in.
Broccoli is another one.  I don't think you've truly tasted these
vegetables till you've had them straight from the garden.
All of the squash have produced amazingly well except for,
oddly enough, the zucchini--the one that is usually out of control.

I snicker a little when I walk past the produce department
at the grocery store.  Like the acorn squash...
about half the size of ours.
Produce snobbery at its finest.

The eggplant is out of control so I've finally found a ratatouille recipe
that I'm fully in love with.  Playing French music also heightens
the cooking experience--just a suggestion.

Along with parmesan, we've discovered goat cheese is great on it.
Still digging potatoes, picking cucumbers and tons of peppers
and so on and so on.

And finally--saving the sewing till last--I have made a little progress
 in the sewing room.  There is a lot of marking, strip piecing and cutting
before making the blocks so this is not a quick project.

But there it is so far.  I have  till mid-August to finish it so
I should be okay just squeezing it in between freezing 
carrots and onions, and before the tomatoes kick in for canning.
August.  Then September...and Fall.  Yessss.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Loving that quilt. I have a brown thumb, so, I don't even try anymore, at growing veggies.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Thanks Cheryl. Funny thing is, I can’t grow house plants to save my life.

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