New Project Kick-Off: Jacob's Ladder Dorm Quilt

It's not even officially summer and I've already been feeling the
"blah" of the heat and the dryness.  And then last night
the weather turned and not only did we get rain but for the next
2 or 3 days I'll be able to work in the gardens without wilting.
The weeds aren't out of control yet but
I feel them starting to get ahead of me again.
Time to get it all back into shape.

Currently harvesting from the garden:
Cucumbers, green beans, carrots, onions, potatoes, cabbages,
eggplant, kohlrabi, yellow squash, peppers, and of course, herbs.
Very soon:  blackberries, zucchini, tomatillos
Later:  tomatoes, squash (acorn, spaghetti & butternut), grapes

Indoors, I'm beginning a new quilt.

Jacob's Ladder Layout Option 
(credit: Cutter Girl Creations)

My son approved a nice traditional Jacob's Ladder .

Another inventory reducing end-of-bolt sale came along again!
Great timing, huh?

I immediately snagged a 9+ yard bolt of a nice background ivory.
At $4/yd I couldn't pass that up!  

And I've already cut into it
for my July banner--yep, completed that one early.

But bringing my focus back to the project at hand,
I needed to find Creighton University's colors:

Luckily, I was able to find a few good ones in the clearance section
which always makes for the deepest discount of the sale.
I also found a few near-empty bolts from the regular collection
and some from my stash so I think I'm there, esp for a twinXL.

They're really not as bright in real life as in the above picture but I
still struggled with those royal blues--not my favorite color and, to me,
they don't really seem to go so I'm a little concerned how it will all
turn out but, of course, it always ends up working. 
They seem to work in the school logo.
Having decent yardage on some of those bolts ensures I'll have plenty
for the 3 borders I'm planning on to bring it up to size and for the
binding.  Not sure about the backing yet--I may piece it with what's left.

I printed off some coloring pages for reference and sketched things out.
My markers aren't quite right but good enough to keep things straight.
(I haven't felt the need for a snazzy quilting program...yet.)

I may have set a spending record but luckily my husband insists
he has no problem with my mostly-controlled stash.
I think as long as we use it, it's not out of control, right?
But I still thought their sign hilarious.


Debbie said…
The Jacob's Ladder is a fun block to make. Break it down into units and whip those parts out. I think the fabrics you pulled are great. The variations in the blues will add interest and work well. Know your new dorm kid will love it...a bit of home.
Great background fabric. That would be a good pattern to use for some of my exchange blocks (4 patch and HST's) that I've collected over the years. I love royal blue.