Making Things

Happy Flag Day.

As 2018 nears its half-way mark, I realize that I've already
made 5 quilts, 5 mini-quilts and one quilt top (still looking for
a border & backing); I also have a BOM right on track with its first
6 blocks completed.   So, feeling pretty good about all of all that, I'm
thinking I should enjoy some easy small projects.

So I dug through the scraps...

and made some seasonal decor.

I've had this frame for longer than I care to admit
floating around in my sewing room, sometimes nagging
at me and always in the way.  I could have put it out of the way
but then I knew I'd really never get to it.
Miracle of miracles, today I finally hauled out the book
and made one!
(If you're now singing the annoying song from Fiddler on the Roof,
I apologize for saying "miracle of miracles." Or maybe I don't.
I love that movie, annoying song and all.)
This was a quick project so hopefully I'll stay
on schedule till they're all completed.

So far I'm sticking to my plan to just bee this summer.
(Ok, I'm definitely not apologizing for that!)


Finally remembered to check email follow-up!
Hmmm....I was just trying to figure out what movie to watch next. Great idea. Cute little projects. You've done well this year.
Debbie said…
Love the June Bee....a very cute mini. But love love love the log cabin runner....wonderful fresh look. Stay cool and sew on.