07 June 2018

Catching Up on My Christmas BOM

We came home from vacation to a forest of weeds in every garden.
Mercifully, the weather has been great so catching up around here
has been an enjoyable process.  Realistically, there will never be a time
when everything is "caught up" so I'm just taking my time and doing
what I feel like, day by day.  Just like quilting, a garden is a joy
to make, not just to finish.  I try not to get so get caught up
running toward the goal that I forget to enjoy the process.

I was over-zealous (even more than usual) and planted 24 tomato
and 24 pepper plants.  I have big canning goals for the tomatoes
but I can't really explain what happened with the peppers
other than I have a plant-buying problem, and I have no
shame in admitting it.  All 48 of these are enough to keep
anyone busy, not to mention the rest of the garden out there
but I'm happy to say they are all currently pruned and mulched.

The herb and flower gardens still need tending to but as I am
sporting a bit of a sunburn, I moved into the sewing room to get
caught up on my Block of the Month quilt.  Without any fanfare,
here are all three blocks hot off the ironing board:

April Block

May Block

June Block 

With the wheat outside just days from harvesting,
it's a little odd to be playing with Christmas fabric
but it still seems cozy and inviting.
(And I'm asking myself, what about the other BOM(s)
I planned for this year?  Hmm...)

I'm still waiting to get my son's attention for 10 minutes
so that we might discuss his dorm quilt but he's rarely
here.  There are always other quilts I could be getting
a start on but the last thing I want is to get myself into another
mad dash before he goes off to college so maybe this weekend
I'll get some sort of direction of what he would like, though
I know he's far from picky.

Just a note:
I've noticed others saying blogger is having issues.
I don't really know why its occurring but I am seeing your
comments.  Hoping it's resolved soon; I know there are just
a few but I still don't like not being able to respond.


Debbie said...

Garden looks great! This summer before college is busy and full, if I remember correctly from the days of my daughter. She was never around. Good luck with the dorm quilt:)
Blogger is "fixing" the problem, but I fear it is part of the on going crap from the EU privacy policy stuff that happened. It may never resolve to our satisfaction. Current work around is to leave message when you post and mark the box for follow up comments. Then you should get them in the mailbox.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Thanks for the tip.
He's working two jobs this summer so yes, I'm afraid I won't see much of him!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great blocks. I'm not a plant person (I enjoy looking at others growing things, but, I don't like to plant and grow things myself). My son wanted to design his graduation quilt, but, he worked at Scout camp all summer, and was only home for a few days, here and there. I finally decided that I couldn't wait any longer for him, and finished it a year and a half after he graduated. It is now on his and his wife's bed. He picked out the block pattern, and the fabrics, but he wanted to 'place' each and every fabric, and wanted the blocks set in some strange way that I didn't understand and he never drew out for me. He is happy with it.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I'm about ready to just pick a pattern and go with it. I think my son would probably be happy with that plan, too!

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