25 May 2018

Two Great Things

It's pretty late but I wanted to post two great things.
Firstly, the top is done!
The backing is pieced, the batting is airing.
Time for quilting.

 I think it's safe to start relaxing a little!
(Side note:  I'm doing a round of steroids to calm down
that major inflammation going on in my back/neck for now;
full check-up to come later.)

Second, and even greater,
I get to post this pic of my youngest son,
a junior, as he received his medal for first place
in pole vault at the KS State Track meet
(the biggest meet in the country)
with a vault of 15'1"--his personal best.

Hopefully I can get the video up tomorrow.
(I've never done that before but I thought I'd give it a try!)

My other son throws shot put tomorrow afternoon with a good
chance at placing so we're excited and will be there to cheer him on
for his last school sports competition...ever.  <sniff>
I'll be happy with just getting my quilt loaded before we head
out to the meet but I think I'll be able to get a couple hours of fun,
easy-paced quilting (what it's supposed to be, right?) in too.
My trust in things working out, though difficult,
does not seem to have been misplaced;
it's even looking like Memorial Day might be
a day of fun and relaxing with family by the pool,
maybe a little reading even?
And then I'll go deliver that quilt!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Big congrats to your sports stars!!!
So glad you are doing something for the pain and inflammation. It just takes forever to get that under control it seems. Enjoy the family for now.....then quilt.

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