23 May 2018


For someone who classifies herself as "anti-social"
I sure host a lot of parties, meals and other get-togethers.
As if our previous months haven't been full enough,
last weekend we had friend over for a farewell meal and
this past weekend we hosted a huge graduation party.
I've been happy to do all of this but burn-out is starting to hit.
Lately it seems I'm having to rush through everything so much that
it has become a struggle to find the joy in tasks that I normally
see as downright soul-feeding fun.
I am still working to slow down but sometimes
God just has other things in mind--and I guess that is fine.
Slower days will come but, knowing me and my way-too-many interests,
that pace may not be all that welcome so when feeling
less-than-joyful in my work and even play,
nurturing a grateful attitude is the key.

I now look back with relief and pride that I made it through
and everything went very well.  But, looking ahead,
the quilts that I'm supposed to be making for grad gifts are
coming up from the back burner with so much work remaining
that I can't help but feel a little panic.

The day after the party I woke up in tears with immense pain and
barely able to move.  Wherefor art thou attitude of gratitude?
Well, thank goodness it at least waited till after the party!

To me, there is nothing worse than giving a promise of a gift
because the real one isn't done so I just don't find it an option.
This quilt must get done by Memorial Day!
So between trips to the chiropractor,
(those who know me know this is a huge sign of my desperation!)
rest, ice, heat and repeat,
I've been trying, trying, trying to get this done.
Yesterday I was lucky to get in 2 minutes at a time sitting
at my sewing machine.  Today I was able to do a couple hours.

And here's the part I shouldn't have done but with the time crunch
and my curiosity, I set about working on the lay-out.  When this
one didn't really do much for me, I tried another.

Gosh, I wish this picture did it justice.
There is more color and more "pop" going on in my living room.
I hope that when I go to take pics of the final, it will show.
Either way, this second setting looks like what I think will be a
perfect fit for this guy!  My neck and back also say this is the one
so therefore, it is!

Today's goal is to get this completely pieced together...
while I also make 10 loaves of French bread for a 
track dinner because, as my mom used to say,
there is no rest for the weary!
I smile as I type that and trust in God that,
like everything else, this too will all work out just fine!


Debbie said...

Girl, you got too much going on. Your body is trying to tell you to slow it down, share the burdens, let some things go. I know what being a serving and people pleaser is....I thought I would always be able to do it all, all the time. It has a way of returning to you that you don't expect. So when this round of commitments is done, be done with doing it all. Give your body time to heal.

I do love the Mountain Majesty quilt...either setting. I have done both just depends on the fabric selection and what pops the most. And I know the grad will love it too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Ask others to help you. Your body is telling you to slow down! Listen to it! The quilt top looks great. Sometimes a gift just has to be late, especially if it is hand made. With all you are doing, they will understand.

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