28 April 2018

Road Trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company

5:30 AM.
Seeing thick fog out the window, I hit snooze and crawled back
in bed--most certainly because of that fog.  Yep.  Too foggy to drive.
And those flint hills can get heavy fog.  Heavy...like my eyes...
and the rest of me that wanted just a little more sleep.

I did eventually get up but moved slowly, and it wasn't long
before I was about 30 mins behind "schedule".
Do you schedule your free days?  On the one hand, that kinda
kills the "free"; on the other, you want to make good use of time.
So I guess mine are freely scheduled, you could say.

But back to the trip.  The fog had lifted for the most part, leaving
just enough to make for some pretty scenic driving.  No, I do not
recommend snapping pics while driving but I did catch this one and
then put the phone aside--but there were some awesome views later on.

I rolled into Hamilton just after 10:30 and was surprised to find
there were plenty of quilters already there shopping away.
Okay, either they spent the night nearby or they
didn't have the 4+ hour drive I had, right?

Before you even park, the quilty inspiration begins
which was great because I was needing it.
I never go to the quilt shop starting completely from scratch
but there I was doing just that--I needed to buy every single fabric
for an entire quilt.  The task ahead was a little daunting.
(Hey--the struggle was real!)

But I was already off to a great start--I picked the absolute best day to go!
Beautiful, sunny and hardly a breeze with temps in the upper 60's.
Just perfect for walking from store to store, up and down the street.

 I perused a few shops to get my bearings, which one always
needs to do at Missouri Star--it can be very overwhelming.
I was needing those first few fabrics to kick it in,
to give me that feel so I could run with it.

Hey, it's the card trick quilt from Jenny's tutorial video--I made this one!

The last thing I expected to find on this trip was the backing fabric
but not only did I find it on the $5/yd clearance rack,
it actually became the catalyst for the whole selection process.
(I love this place but it's not the best for clearance shopping!)
Talk about going at a quilt in backwards order--but oh well!
I grabbed it up and went in search of what might go with it.

Next I came across this fat quarter roll.  I had seen the entire
line online already, noting it would be good for this quilt.
But seeing it all in person?  This is some fantastic fabric!  
And with that, it was on.
Sleeves were pushed back, rotary cutters rolled and fabric went flying.

I took a short break for lunch after which I slipped into the latest
new shop containing Farmhouse style decor.
Maybe that would clear the fabric fuzz-buzz in my head.
(You know--when you get kinda fried after looking at so much?)
Nope.  Still fuzzy.
I heard a very familiar voice but didn't think anything of it...
till someone said her name.

That's right--not only did I run into the Jenny, owner of Missouri Star,
but I grabbed a selfie to prove it to you all!
I wish I would've taken a whole second to see if I was even getting
a decent angle on myself--sigh, I was certainly not.
(Did I mention I got up pretty early?  And drove over 4 hours?
And I think I forgot mascara...)
But I was just trying to be quick and as little a bother as possible.
Jenny, on the other hand, was super nice about it and
leaned right in as if we were best buds.  Aw, thanks Jenny!
(She's tall, btw!)

And with that,
I flew out of the store before I embarrassed myself further.
Without rolling the dice.
Without passing Go.
And without buying the ceramic chicken
that I was eyeing for my kitchen display case.
(Guess I'll have to go back!)

I ended up finding everything I needed but the outer border.
And that's okay because sometimes you need to see the finished inside
before you can decide on the fabric for the final "frame".

I'll wait to share my finds over my next posts as I work at piecing
it together--which I've already started because yes, I'm very
excited about it.  I hope I'm correct in that I think it's exactly
the colors, look and style I was after...maybe even better.
Oh I really hope!
Because that's gonna be the icing on a really fun day!


Debbie said...

I love this!! A great road trip with a nice surprise in it. I am glad you found your backing and inspiration.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you had a fun trip. It's about 10 hours from me.

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