08 April 2018

Ohio Stars...In Kansas

It kind of amuses me that my Ohio Stars
are all done up in Kansas colors.
Well, Ohio is still a midwest state so we'll call it good.
I'm sure it shares our colors but they can't possibly
be as pretty <wink>.
I'm kidding, of course.  I've been to Ohio.  It's very pretty.
And definitely has more green than we do.
Which is why my Ohio Stars are more like Kansas Stars.

At any rate, I got the top done so now I'm going to have to
hit some clearance racks for a backing--and if I'm lucky,
enough yardage of it to add a 4" border as well which will
make it about 98 x 86.
Once again, I'm posting a poorly-lit picture.  No, I don't
take the time to take perfect pics, as I've said many times,
but I was hoping for some better lighting than this!
I finished this on Friday eve when a nice little wintery mix
was beginning to hit.  Early the next morning, feeling groggy and cold,
 I snapped this picture out of one of our bedroom windows.

As someone mentioned, what a lovely winter we're having this spring!
I only hope our peaches and other fruits that were just beginning to
bloom will make it through, though it's doubtful in this cold
This morning, while it was snowing and sleeting, I saw a rainbow.
So is that a snowbow?  Or a maybe a sleetbow.  I don't know.
Thursday's high is supposed to be 86'.
Sweaters and boots, shorts and flip-flops--just 4 days apart.
As we all say:  Welcome to Kansas.


Debbie said...

Love it! More snow?! Spring has sure gotten lost this year.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

There was 2" of snow on the ground Monday morning, and it snowed all day long. 60's today, and 70's tomorrow, with cold coming back for the weekend into next week (and maybe more snow). Weird weather all over the place.

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