04 April 2018

Ohio Stars Growing

It's amazing how the hours can fly by when sewing.
I listened to Tolstoy's entire Anna Karenina while working on my
previous quilt.  Over the last two days I've listened to multiple
podcasts and a whole series of theology videos.
(Yes, I listen to videos--my eyes stay on my sewing)

And suddenly I'd created a whole pile of blocks.

All 42 of them.  Today I got just over
half of the sashing put on (I'm liking what I see so far)>
This seems to be going pretty fast but I kind of feel like I might see nothing
but fabric and my sewing machine tonight when I close my eyes.
It's probably a good thing that I have to take a break from it tomorrow.

I seem to be suggesting that one can be too much at their sewing
machine, quilting away, but maybe I won't go quite that far!  


Debbie said...

All the blocks look great! You have been on a tear to get this done. Taking a break may be good for you and your muscles.....too long in one spot and I cramp up now.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I 'listen' to movies while I sew. I know by the sounds, where in 'Castaway' Tom Hanks is (little talking, almost no music, just island sounds).

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