24 April 2018

April Catch-Up

Our April weather has been all over the place.
We've had snow and ice, heat and snow again.
More recently, we were finally able to enjoy some beautiful days,
allowing me to get a huge amount of work done outside--
including some areas that have been neglected for years.
With a graduation party coming up, it will be nice to have it all back in shape.

I think we might actually be past the threat of frost so from here on out,
till it gets hot anyway, it's likely that only the rain that will keep me inside.
(Or pain--but that's an ugly issue best left alone.)
It was a much-needed rain that allowed me to get this top completed.

It sat on the quilt frame longer than I'd intended but I was
able to get it quilted up by doing just a few rows at a time
throughout the following week.  It's just waiting for its
binding and a label (rain predicted for tomorrow!).
Then it will be displayed in a store-front in Kingman, KS
until its auctioned off to benefit a church in June.
I'm both nervous and excited to see what comes of my efforts.

Looking ahead to May, I have so much spring cleaning and yard work
yet to do.  The vegetable garden is behind schedule due to the colder
days so I'll be catching up on that as well.  Still, we are getting lots of
asparagus, and just beginning to enjoy the greens.
(spinach, kale, and all kinds of lettuces)

I have two graduation quilts to complete by the end of May.
I haven't settled on the pattern for my son's--and truthfully, his doesn't
need to be done till he goes off to college but I don't want to put it off.
For the other grad, I'm planning a delectable mountain design
in blacks, grays and a touch the manliest purple I can find to fit his
chosen college--K-State.  For these, not only am I going to have to go
outside of my stash, I've decided to take some pretty major action:
a visit to the Missouri Star shops.
I haven't picked a day but I'm still hoping to fit it in this week yet.
It's at least a 4 hour drive, more depending on KS City traffic
(and if I decide to detour to IKEA) but this girl has been working
very hard and a nice get-away road trip has been earned!

Hopefully I remember to take pics!


Debbie said...

Your star quilt looks so good and will be a great success I know. Should gain lots of donations.
You have a big set of quilting plans....the best part sounds like the day trip!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

One of these days I'll go to Missouri Star. When I travel, I drive south of there, on I44. MS would add a whole day to my trips. Love that star quilt. My oldest son's favorite color is deep purple.

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