20 March 2018

Modern Card Trick Quilt Top

My modern-fabric card trick quilt top is just waiting on its border.
I'm thinking a dark charcoal but I'll have to play around with
it along side various fabrics at the quilt shop to see what I prefer.

I don't use modern fabrics much but I really liked
this collection when I won it from the Fat Quarter Shop.

It proved a little more difficult for me to mix and match than I expected
but how do you think it turned out?  
I think it's refreshingly different from my other quilts and it's still
growing on me.   Unfortunately, it won't match any of my decor
so it's homeless for now.
But quilts have a way of finding their homes so no worries there.

The directions for this quilt can be found here.
However!  There seems to be an error in the cutting directions.
I do have a real knack for picking incorrect directions lately! 
Please check my comment that includes my math and reasoning before
cutting to see if you agree or you'll likely end up having to buy more fabric
like this girl.  I checked, double-checked and triple-checked my math.
I might even bet my stash on it.
The good news is, I have tons of strips left to make a multi-fabric binding.
(How's that for positive thinking?)

If I were to make this again, I think I would try using less
fabrics/colors--more like Jenny's version--or at least make
sure that every individual fabric coordinates with every other one
in your collection.

And so, as I've just finished this top and pulled two more quilts
off of the frame, that means I get to begin a new one.
I'll share that decision and have pics of the two
I just finished quilting in my next post.
The garden is greening up and there have been hot,
yummy things coming out of the oven.
(Yes, my sourdough is still alive!)
Spring is always so busy!

Happy spring, and happy quilting.


Debbie said...

I think it turned out fabulous! You did a great job and others quilted too! you have been going great guns. A chocolate border will contian this one nicely.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like this quilt. It tricks the eyes, and makes me think that the border is curved, not straight.

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