A Royal Finish and the March Cozy Christmas Block

It is finished--my biggest quilt yet!
(Aaaand I just noticed I don't have it centered on the bed in the picture!)
I avoided sewing on the binding on for a couple weeks.
I just knew it was likely to put knots in my shoulders.
But leave it to me to make a mountain out of a mole hill!
It was not that rough--I'm only a little knotted up and now it's done!
(In quilt-language that means I can start another one!)
I put it on our bed for taking pictures because the lighting
is so much better than the guest room in the basement but...

now I don't really want to take it off.  Seeing how much color it adds
to our room and how well it goes with the dark wood of our furniture
is telling me that the fabrics I have picked out for my Farmer's Wife
quilt will go well--good to know!  Ah, the joy of a generously-sized
quilt that actually covers a bed well--even folded over the pillows.
I think I'll just enjoy it in our room for a few days before
I move it over to the guest bed. :o)

My second finish is much smaller.
Sherri at A Quilting Life has the March Block of the Month
posted so I jumped right in on that today, too.

I altered this a little from her block so I could put a cozy house
in the center.  Not happy with the first square I cut out, I adjusted
where I set the ruler and cut another.  WHY did I not toss the first
in the scrap bin?   When I held up my finished block to admire,
(Yes, I am ready for spring but this just gets me excited over a snowy, cozy Christmas!)
I found that I had I accidentally used the first, less-centered square.
Well, I'm not ripping that one out.
Maybe I should've had a second coffee today?

Jan, Feb & March Blocks of Cozy Christmas

These days I'm sewing like mad whenever I can fit it in.
Warm days are just right around the corner.  With the spring comes
gardening, track meets and a high school graduation and party
And in just weeks our daughter, her hubby and 4 mo-old son
will be moving back here from KC and into their first home.
Instead of being 3+ hours away, they'll now be about 15 minutes!

Hoping for one more big sewing day in tomorrow!


Debbie said…
The quilt turned out beautiful! I love it where it is and agree you should enjoy it a while:) I had to laugh at your small project.....honey, no one but you will notice the square is off cut. Please, don't sweat the small stuff. You have too many good things coming to you. Enjoy the new closeness of family. And a senior always requires attention. It is a major life event.
Great quilt. Maybe it wants to be in your bedroom, not the basement. That center looks fine to me, on the block.