18 February 2018

First BOM Started

I finally started on my first BOM of the year.
last year. Mostly, I loved the leisurely pace of a side-project
that was making a noticeable dent in my stash.
And then by Christmas?  A completed quilt all ready for gifting.
Why it took me so long to decide on fabrics for this year's BOM
I have no idea but I mulled over themes and colors for 2 months and
still nothing spoke to me.  I finally went to my stash a few days ago and
somehow immediately picked the exact fabrics I wanted to work with.
Sometimes your inspired...and sometimes your just not!

A "Cozy Christmas" it is!
Hopefully, with some fussy-cutting, I will be able to fit
a hot chocolate mug or a Christmas house into the
center, or main focus at least, of each block.
I'm also crossing my fingers I have enough of the
snowflake background fabric for all 12 blocks.
But, if not, I will just stop at 9.

It may have taken me forever to decide on fabric
but in no time at all I had the first two blocks completed.
I just love the warm colors!

So far, I've not a clue whose name this quilt will have on it
as it sits under the tree come December but, as always,
these things have a way of working themselves out.

Over In the Kitchen
The girls are still contributing nicely.  Every bit of these
beautiful eggs will go into the breakfast casseroles I'm
baking up tomorrow for a local shelter.  I've had chickens
for many years now and I just never tire of these colors.
It is still fun to collect eggs!

I'm also working on some interesting sour dough starter
that will hopefully generate some yummy breads but
I'm saving that for another post.
(Translation: waiting till it's proven successful!)

For now, it's back to the long-arm to finish up the last
few rows of my big queen-size quilt.
Unless I get distracted by another BOM.


Debbie said...

Love the new color scheme....you are right very warm and comforting. Great going with the quilting...looks like you got it figured out.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have several BOM's waiting to be finished (or even started). Yes, the choosing of fabrics is the hardest part of all.

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