06 February 2018

Borders On and Ready For Quilting

Quite often one of the local shops has a great sale that sends me
across the city and waiting at the door when it opens.
All fabric is $2 off/yard...and if you buy what's left on the bolt,
you get $3 off/yard.  And the best thing?  It applies to their
clearance fabric that is already down to $7/yard.
So yes I stock up--backing fabric especially--at $4/yd.

I was unable to find the blue that I was after for my latest project
but this green (with a faint print) seemed to set it off.
I'm especially happy with the addition of the first little ivory border
that helps set it up nicely for that bigger dark frame.
Over 10 yards on the bolt set me up nicely for borders and binding,
both cut lengthwise (leaving less than 1/2" scrap strip!) and the backing
which I hope to put together today.  

This quilt is 106 x 93 which, I think, makes it the biggest one
I've ever made.  So big that I was struggling to get a good pic
so I gave up and went this angle.
My husband helped me try it out on our guest bed (for border
measuring) and it looks great so, instead of a Christmas gift,
it'll be staying out our house.

I was able to find several other bolts of fabric--as modeled by
Chloe--so I dropped a decent amount at the shop but I'm so
happy with the savings and being able to complete the two
projects I have "open".  
  I even found backing for Grandmother's Orchard.

When these are both quilted I'll have no WIP's.
None.  Clean slate.
But I'm guessing I'll start something before those
get finished.  Either way, not a bad situation at all.


Debbie said...

Sounds like you should be called super shopper! Honey, look at how much I saved---please ignore that my credit card is maxed out! LOL....I use to do that.
The quilt and border now look wonderful, complete, and so pretty. You will have this one quilted in no time I think because you have a destination for it. We always love a keeper:) The pastel Grandmother's album is a beauty too. You won't have to look hard for new project, I am sure.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like that quilt. Glad you are keeping it. I love it when I find bolts of fabric, that I can use.

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