21 February 2018

Winter Weather Means Quilting Day

My thoughts were just starting to move on to flowers,
sunshine and gardening.  I even bought my onion sets.
(But I avoided looking at seeds!)
Great Scott, I was actually going to cry "uncle" but quickly
came to my snow-loving senses this week. 
We had just enough ice here to call a snow day on Tuesday and
tonight's forecast is calling for more winter weather. 
I spent today catching up on household chores and making
12 mini-French bread loaves and about a billion or so meatballs--
some for meatball subs and the rest for the freezer.
(Some will come right back out this weekend to be served up with homemade pasta.)

I also finally finished quilting the last few rows on The Crown Jewels.
It's amazing (and yet not!) how many things got in the way of me finishing
this quilt--I kind of expected angelic singing as I pulled it off of the frame.

I know I should sew the binding on this first tomorrow but I know that
the winter weather and an open day are going to be too tempting.
(I probably just jinxed myself by writing "open day"!)
It might just be the last of it till late next fall and so
shouldn't one take full advantage of it?
What a great day for starting a new quilt!
The sleet has already started and the streets are getting icy.

Happy quilting!

And by the way, a couple posts back I forgot to include the
actual finished Thankful Quilt (quilting and binding complete).
I've since updated it but here it is.

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