11 February 2018

2017 Thankful Quilt Completed and Wading Through Scraps

Last fall, I came up with an idea that I hope will become a 
yearly tradition in our family:  the Thankful Quilt.
At Thanksgiving I had everyone wrote on a small muslin square
what they were most thankful for throughout the year.  This could be
fun, serious or just whatever thing(s) first popped up in their minds.
(No pressure!)

Then I made a beautiful little wall quilt featuring the squares
that everyone completed with love and fine penmanship 
and we all ooh'd and aww'd over it as we lived happily ever after.

Okay...7 of the squares sat there through the holidays waiting on one
family member who apparently needed a month to think over what he
was truly thankful for and for me to put the whole thing together.
And I just finished it...in February.  I guess completing
2017's quilt a little over a month into 2018 isn't too bad really.
(Maybe my 2018 thankful list should include finishing 2017's Thankful quilt?)
As the years go by and the family grows, gratitude should literally fill
the walls of our home.  If I can stay on top of this idea that is.

 This first one ended up twice as big as I had pictured.  Mental note to self:
smaller quilts or we'll run out of wall space completely. 
(And too much thankfulness is a problem how?!?)

A quick and fun little project was very welcome after piecing my latest quilt!
It's loaded on the frame and ready to go, by the way and
will be my creative focus for the next few days.

I've also been working on my scrap bin a little more.
Somehow that seems to be my chosen activity while watching 
football--especially the Superbowl.  I love football but I just haven't
taken the time to watch much on tv the last few years.
Maybe if I'd watch more this bin wouldn't be so stuffed full?

Last year I started cutting everything into squares but this year I've
switched gears after I stumbled across the strip idea again.
So now all scraps are being cut into 2.5", 3.5", 4.5" and 5.5" and going
into these 4 bins that sit above my cutting table.  Any 1.5" strips go
in the two larger bins in the middle of my project cart for a log cabin quilt
which I clearly need to get started on since my bins are pretty stuffed.

This sounds like a great way to keep things under control and organized
as I cut projects out.  Of course, the problem is the mountain of scraps
"behind me".  And now that football season is over maybe I'll start
watching more movies or cooking shows.
I'd love to eliminate the big canvas scrap bin completely!


Debbie said...

Love your thankful quilt. You can vary the design each year too or turn them into table runner one year. Just great thoughts. Scraps will always be with us....something about being never ending in abundance:)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I make a signed quilt for my family reunion. Your quilt, with more blocks, would be nice. Now to figure out sizes & piecing. Is there a pattern you used? Letting someone else do the math can be wonderful.

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