The Quilt Plan for 2018

My personal focus this year is to slow down.
More specifically, live more fully in the moment instead of pushing
through every project like it has a major deadline
(okay, more like the world is gonna end).
Not that there's anything wrong with making a great use of time.
I was raised that way and I'm a firm believer.
But who am I kidding?  Most of these are for Christmas gifts
or just for fun with no deadline at all!
And, I do not have to make every quilt on my pinterest board!
I realized there was a good reason I was struggling to get
my list made:  in my mind I was already being too aggressive.
So I started deleting; now what is left is my minimum.
I'll just keep re-evaluating as I go.

My biggest plan for this year was to make 2 or 3 BOM's so we'll start there:

Possibly a Christmas gift
Piecing began 1-3-18


(This is no longer available online but can be ordered)

Quilt for Daughter

Quilt for Guest Bedroom
(undecided; below are 2 possibilities)

Scrap Jar Stars

Farmer's Wife Quilt
(Probably for our bed)

Quilt for Graduating Son
Waiting for his opinion on this one but he has shown an interest
in the bargello style so possibly one of those.

Civil War Quilt
I received a book on Civil War quilts for Christmas that
has this pattern in it--one I've wanted to make for a while.

Thankful 2017 Quilt Wallhanging 

A few other projects:
Egg gathering apron
Birthday gifts
Wrist pincushion


I want to make a scrap jar quilt one of these days. Enjoy your slow down.
Debbie said…
A smaller list???? It looks long to me from here....but slowing down is really the goal. And to enjoy what we do instead of rush. All your selected projects look great.