23 January 2018

The Easy Days of Winter

 I cut my sewing time a little short today--strangely, by choice.
I completed these triangle sets on the right and then...I stopped.
With free hours ahead of me still.  Madness?  Maybe.
But, time to practice some of that "slow down" thing.

Once I piece these 30 blocks together I'll be able to lay the blocks out
for assembly which is pretty exciting.  The strips I made yesterday gave
me a bit of a sneak peak but other than that, I really don't have a good
idea of how this is going to look.  Even though they aren't shiny and bright,
the darks are kind of bold and I've been reminded of jewels in a crown
as I've been working with these fabrics.

Some of the reason I cut my sewing time short today is because I'm
on a library deadline with this book about Queen Elizabeth II. 
This also might have a little something to do with why I have jewels
and crowns on my mind.  I do love history and biographies so this
one is right up my alley--enjoying it so far.

And now that I seem to be off-topic I might as well mention that the
girls are doing a great job out there in the coop.  I'm getting almost
a dozen a day and so have been making as many egg-y recipes as
I can fit into our menu.

Not my prettiest bread but I love the sight of drying pasta!

We eat them any which way you can think of for breakfasts, I make
lots of pasta and occasionally I'll bake them up in some dessert.
I also enjoy passing dozens of eggs around to friends
as a thankyou or just as a nice little surprise.  

We're in another pseudo-winter thing with temps in the 50's and 60's.
This is my least favorite.  Yes I love snow and I don't like a warm winter
but I really dislike this back and forth thing.  Warm temps get me
thinking about the garden and spring but then suddenly it's all a lie
and things freeze right up again.
Just give me the right temps for the season and I'll be okay with that.
However, I'll try to stay positive.
I'll take advantage of it and break up some of that sewing
time with some walks.  And reading--maybe even in the sun.
Oh, the easy days of winter.
A girl could get used to this schedule...for a while anyway.

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